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Vegan Diet

Let’s talk VEGANISM. Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular. The Vegan diet is entirely free of meat, dairy, and animal-based products. Fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes are the go-to menu items. The balanced, Prepared with Purpose Vegan diet gives you the proponents of having a healthier, more sustainable diet.

A Vegan diet comprises plant-based foods that are high in fiber and low in saturated fat. Transitioning to a Vegan diet rich in nutrient-dense foods has many health and wellness benefits. It is crucial to understand how nutrients impact your body before beginning a Vegan diet to ensure you eat enough to fuel a lively lifestyle.

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Why Go Vegan for Your Body?

When choosing the forks-over-knives, a Vegan diet helps you with weight loss — as you tend to eat fewer calories and persistently combat cravings. Veganism has rules on what you can and cannot eat. So, becoming Vegan is so much more than shedding a few pounds. It’s about developing healthy food habits, living a healthier lifestyle — and most importantly, staying healthy. Yes, eating a healthy Vegan diet requires planning, but Prepared with Purpose makes it easy for you to get started. Beyond weight loss with the Vegan diet, plant-based veganism tends to lead to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and additional health benefits that can lead to longer life expectancy — including metabolism, cardiovascular, and cognitive benefits. To get the most benefit from the keto diet, you should stay physically active. Walking, jogging, lifting weights, swimming, or whatever workout you prefer — will boost your energy further.

A Platform for Community: Health and Wellness

With purposeful planning, a community of strong Prepared with Purpose supporters, and the leadership of Le Cordon Bleu graduate and Executive Chef Joann Stabile — Prepared with Purpose Vegan dieting plan has become a movement. 

Cajun Dirty Rice with Spicy Turkey Andouille

Start a healthier diet today!

Starting a healthier diet is easier than ever when you prepare with purpose. Our meal delivery service helps streamline the process — so you don’t have to think about meal prep. Don’t get caught in the boredom of other meal planning companies and eating the same meals over and over. Our chef-curated recipes, nutritionist-backed meals, and extensive menu (ready-meals and customized gourmet plans) are simple to use. Just choose the best plan for you — and we will prepare and deliver meals directly to your home.

Prepared with Purpose so we can ALL eat organic, whole — healthy meals.

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