The Prepared With Purpose Philosophy

The Prepared With Purpose Philosophy

The Prepared With Purpose Philosophy is based on four simple ideas we believe are the core of delivering the best possible meals to our clients.

We Use Only Pasture Centered Animals and Wild Caught Fish

At Prepared With Purpose, we choose our animal proteins with a high level of care and consideration. We source our meats from farms based in California that have an animal welfare rating of 4 or 5. Simply put, those ratings mean that the animals eat what nature intended them to and that they are free to roam. We also use only wild-caught fish sourced from San Diego fishermen.

We Use Only Local, Organic, Seasonal Produce

Pesticides aren’t good for anyone.We only use organic produce sourced from within 150 miles of San Diego to ensure optimal freshness, seasonality and quality. This means that we are supporting the local economy, getting extremely fresh fruits and vegetables, and the produce tastes amazing because it is in season.

We Believe Real, Whole Food Is The Best

We believe that when our diet is made up of clean animal proteins, fresh produce, and includes healthy fats, that our body functions optimally. When added sugars and sweeteners, grains, legumes, soy, gluten, and dairy are eliminated that your body can function at its best! There are many benefits to eating with this kind of diet. Inflammation and irritation are significantly reduced or eliminated, energy levels are steady, and it is easier to achieve the feeling of being satisfied. These are just a few of the benefits, but there are many, many more.

We Use Glass Containers

Prepared With Purpose uses glass containers for several reasons. Glass does not contain the harmful chemicals found in plastics and disposables that can get into your food. It is also easy to reheat meals in glass containers using an oven instead of using a microwave, giving our clients the option to use the heating method they prefer. Lastly, it is better for the environment because glass containers can be recycled instead of ending up at the landfill after a single use.