~ Testimonials ~

It's no secret, our customers are the main ingredient behind PWP.

"Prepared with purpose has been providing me lunches for a year and the food is delicious & very healthy. The nutritious meals have assisted in better physical & mental health. Plus the team is very professional and very fun to work with :-)"

Christopher Rocco,

Autumn Rashak McClain
"I don't have any dietary restrictions, but Chef Joann's dishes are still always a treat! Super fresh and seasonal, always interesting and new - I fully recommend anyone to try her meal service or catering! Her style is effortless and fun, your party guests will thank you!"

Lori Rose

"These meals are fantastic. Incredibly satisfying while maintaining a super high standard of clean and healthy eating. I also was impressed with how unique the dishes were, I like that it is nothing I would ever think to make myself. Super recommended. We have also used Joann for catering and she is top notch!!"

Kelly Moore

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