Healthy, Organic Meals Prepared with a Purpose

Here at Prepared with Purpose (PWP), we wholeheartedly believe that no matter how busy your schedule becomes — you should never sacrifice your health. But to change-up your daily eating habits, you need a plan. A plan filled with purpose. Not only does PWP save you time and money — you don’t have to worry what’s on the menu after a long day.

You select a meal plan that works for you. Personalize your weekly plan with gourmet meals prepared just for you — or leave the menu to us and we guarantee you’ll find something organic, healthy, and tasty.

Every appetizing ingredient is chosen and sourced purposefully, so you can be sure that you’re providing the best for your body (organic) and the best for your community (local) — with each meal.

Why Choose Prepared with Purpose?

The Best for You — All Organic

PWP only sources quality, organic produce. From meat to vegetables, everything is USDA Organic. Every ingredient is chosen and sourced purposefully — so you can be sure that you’re doing the best for your body (organic) and the best for your community (local) with each meal.

We Only Use Glass Containers

Did you know that storing and heating up food in plastic containers comes with a lot of health risks? Glass containers keep your meals fresh with a tight seal. Not only are they leak-proof, heat-safe, and retain freshness — PWP glass containers are safe for the environment. Don’t be fooled by other meal prep companies who use plastic for their profitability.

Refreshed Choices & Personalized Plans

Move over boring, repeat meals! Have you tried other meal prep companies, only to find it’s the same meals over and over? We are here to help you refresh the menu-blues. Our fresh-never-frozen, chef-curated meals and extensive menu offers tons of PWP ready-meal options (as well as customized gourmet plans).

Skip or Cancel Anytime

Get healthy, chef-prepared meals delivered to your doorstep with the option to skip or cancel at any time. It’s that simple. Give PWP a try with no commitment. You can skip, cancel, or change your plan at any time.

Prepared with Purpose — Plated with Passion

With over 450 healthy, organic — and gluten-free recipes in our pocket, our meals never get boring. PWP updates the menu each week with mighty-delicious, nutritious meals. Choose from the menu or let Chef Joann craft your order based on your preferences with our personal gourmet plan. No shopping. No chopping. Just simply reheat and eat your PWP meal in minutes.

We are not just another food prep company, we provide opportunities to bring people together, build healthy and happy community, spread awareness for organic, gluten-free meals, and spark meaningful conversations within our community.

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